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Does your family love pasta like we do?  It has been my favorite comfort food since I was a kid, mom’s pasta recipe is the best for me and now my kids love it too!

I love that pasta now has more unique shapes and sizes, aside from the usual spaghetti, macaroni and lasagna, there are now bowtie-shaped farfalle, spiraled fussili and many more.

San Remo Philippines offers wonderfully shaped noodle varieties because for them, pasta is the secret ingredient that shapes great family bonding experiences and memorable moments.  It has been a childhood favorite, a dinner time staple and the ultimate party meal all rolled into one hot and heaping bowl.  

On October 25, 2019, San Remo Philippines celebrated World Pasta Day with endless pastabilities by highlighting the Filipinos’ affinity for the scrumptious mealtime staple and asked “What Shapes You?”

What Shapes Me?

Though experiencing life challenges awakens us to who we are, my mom has significantly shaped me to become the person I am today.  She has led by example, her unconditional love and willingness to give taught me how to be selfless.  She is one of the strongest persons I know,  I have seen her go through hard times but her strength through life has been remarkable.  

She never gives up no matter how hard it gets and that’s what I’ve always admired about her.   She’s always been my inspiration as I strive to become a better parent to my children.   I want to teach my children how to live life and make wise choices for them to experience life’s endless possibilities..

About San Remo

San Remo Pasta is made from 100% Durum Wheat Semolina and offers the widest variety of pasta shapes and healthy pasta in the Philippines.  

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6 thoughts on ““What Shapes You?” – San Remo PH

  1. pasta is my go-to dish if I am in a hurry to make one for my family. you can prepare it in various ways so I love it!

  2. “my mom has significantly shaped me to become the person I am today” – same!

    Going to San Remo Pasta, I will surely recommend this to to the person who shaped me, my mom, especially this Christmas! Thank you for recommending San Remo Ph!

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