My Baby Can Do That With Pampers

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My Baby Can Roll Over!

Rolling Over is a major baby milestone.  When Monic first did that, she can only roll one way and can’t get back.  I saw the smile on her face when I praised her, it was such an achievement for her!

She has mastered it!  In fact, she’s fast!  If she wants to reach something on the other side of the bed  (1.9 meters) she can do it in 15 seconds or less, just by rolling over! She can even roll over the big pillows!  I didn’t teach her to do it, I helped her instead.  I provided her with a safe space for her to practice, I played with her to encourage her to reach for her toys and I always make sure that she’s comfortable with her diaper.  I choose Pampers baby dry pants for my babies so they can move freely and comfortably.

Pampers has always been a part of my Mommy Journey.  I have tried other brands but nothing compares to the comfort that Pampers can give to my babies.  It is very important to always make our baby comfortable so that they can focus more on whatever activities they have like learning through play especially when they start to develop their motor skills, they can move freely when they are comfortable.

It has helped Monic achieve her goal to master rolling over by just being comfortable  with her diaper.  She was able to focus on it, “more galaw and more wow” talaga!  I am so happy to capture the first time she started rolling side to side and then all the way over.

You can watch the video below.  It is our entry for My Baby Can Do That with Pampers Campaign.  You can also join the campaign and do fun missions with Pampers!  You’ll be able to help young children too! Every 500 points earned by you creates 1 school lunch.  Learn more about it through this link PAMPERS CAMPAIGN

13 thoughts on “My Baby Can Do That With Pampers

  1. Does Pampers have a hypoallergenic diapers? Am not so familiar with this and its been many years that no one uses this at home 🙂

  2. My relatives are using Pampers for their babies and it’s something that I’ll choose for my baby in the future! (Matagal tagal pa. Hehe!)

    PS: Your baby Monic is sooooo cute!!!

  3. she looks so cute! I think that we all started with pampers kasi they are accessible and quite comfortable for the baby! glad to see that they fixed their old formula and there is no more lawlaw when our baby uses it 😊

  4. Thanks this cute post, yan din gamit namin sa mga naging baby namin, maganda kasi ung materials na ginamit napaka soft nya at hindi na iirita yung baby.

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