Paskong Sarangani Bay Will Make Every Pinoy Home A Yuletide Feast

I was so happy to have been invited to attend Paskong Sarangani get-together in Makati with my fellow bloggers.  It was my very first Christmas party for this year, too early though, but it was a fun-filled afternoon! 

Ms. Gigi Angkaw, Sarangani Bay’s Executive Chef shared some healthier holiday recipes using Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus products. She taught us how to make Bangus Sisig, Spicy Sardines Pasta,  Holiday Crostini with Smoked Fish Pate using Milkfish in Oil.  We’ve tasted it and it was all delicious!

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is one of my favorites, because it is packed with delicious goodness and rich in vitamins!  They offer different variety such as unseasoned, cooked, bottled, marinated that will surely bring delight to any family’s dining table. Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is sure to be savored, especially during the holidays, where most of the foods can be unhealthy.

Sarangani Bay is availble in leading supermarkets worldwide.  For more Sarangani Bay recipes, follow them on their facebook page and website.

Spicy Bangus Sisig
Pasta with Milkfish in Oil
Smoked Bangus Spread

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