Get into the habit of proper dental hygiene with ORAL-B

We should be mindful of our oral health because we only have two sets of teeth in a lifetime.  A good dental hygiene involves more than just brushing your teeth. Flossing and a  routine dental cleaning contributes to a good dental hygiene. Honestly, I seldom floss and go to the dentist because I am so lazy busy! Luckily my teeth is still complete! I actually think that some of it are still temporary because I can’t remember losing all my baby teeth (Mom Brain!).  So this year one of my goals is to improve my oral health, that involves visiting a dentist every 6 months, changing my toothbrush every 3 months (and not yearly lol!), brushing my teeth for 2 minutes (not 30 seconds!) and flossing at least once a day.  

Achieving a good dental hygiene also involves getting the right oral care products. Having a pearly white teeth and long-lasting fresh breath isn’t enough, we must choose the products that can target the root causes of oral care problems such as bacteria and acid erosion.  Most of our daily intake contains acids that weakens the tooth enamel or outer layer of the tooth that may lead to erosion and prone to teeth sensitivity.  Acid can also stain teeth and can promote bacterial growth which causes problems ranging from bleeding gums to gingivitis. As it is difficult to prevent ourselves from eating food high in acidity, Oral-B delivers the oral protection that we need so our gums remain healthy and our teeth stay strong as we continue to enjoy our day-to-day grind.

ORAL-B Gum & Enamel Repair

Oral-B’s Gum and Enamel Repair toothpaste is its latest innovation with unique ActivRepairTM technology, clinically proven to neutralize bacteria on the gumline, and even keep it away afterwards, too. It also repairs the damage caused to your tooth enamel by everyday wear and tear and continues to protect it afterwards. Not only that, but it also helps do all this in just two weeks.

Unlike common fluoride toothpastes, Oral-B Gum and Enamel Repair is made with Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Complex that has multiple dental care benefits, such as sensitivity repair, elimination of bad breath, cavity protection, enamel erosion protection, neutralization of plaque regrowth, and gum rejuvenation.

ORAL-B Charcoal White Toothbrush

Toothbrush plays a vital role in practicing good oral hygiene that is why it’s important to choose a toothbrush that can do more than just brushing. Unlike regular toothbrushes in the market, Oral-B’s toothbrushes are made with crisscross bristles that remove 90% more plaque even in hard-to-reach areas. With the rise in popularity of detoxifying properties of charcoal in the health and beauty industries, Oral- B has harnessed its power and learned to infuse it in their Charcoal White toothbrush to help whiten your teeth in just two weeks!

ORAL-B Glide Deep Clean Floss

Dental floss is also an essential dental care step to remove plaque from tight spaces between teeth and gums. This prevents both bacteria and plaque buildup from forming, which can potentially lead to cavities, sensitive teeth, and gum disease. Oral-B Glide Floss is lightly coated with natural wax that makes it strong, smoothly gliding, and is perfect for people with sensitive gums. It is also made from a single filament, which means it never shreds, and leaves you with a cool and clean feeling afterwards. 

ORAL-B Hygiene Kit

This Dental Hygiene Kit from ORAL-B has helped me achieve a healthy smile with a stronger teeth and a healthy gums!  My teeth is noticeably whiter after more than a month of using this kit (not pearly white though.) I will update this post with a before and after photos.  Remember, it only takes two weeks to build a habit. So, practice early and practice right and make sure to teach everyone in the family the value of having healthy teeth and gums!

Get into the habit of proper dental hygiene with ORAL-B for that brighter and healthier smile!

About Oral-B

Oral-B® is the worldwide leader in the over $5 billion brushing market. Part of the Procter & Gamble Company, the brand provides manual and electric toothbrushes for children and adults, oral irrigators and interdental products, such as dental floss.

About Procter & Gamble

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