“Be Clean. Be Cool!” – Cartoon Network

The effect of Covid-19 pandemic is infiltrating every aspect of our lives and we’re already wishing for it to end.. hopefully soon..

For now all we can do is to unite and strictly follow the preventive measures such us staying home, social distancing, proper hand hygiene,  keeping ourselves healthy and updated with what is happening around us.  We should also educate our children about the importance of keeping healthy.  Good thing I’ve found an animated video about preventing the spread of germs by practicing good hygiene.  This video was launched by the Cartoon Network supporting worldwide efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

My kids always watch it as it features some of their favorite characters such as We Bare Bears, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go! and Adventure Time.  It’s very entertaining and very effective in teaching the kids about washing hands properly and explains the importance of covering the mouth when we sneeze and why we should avoid touching our face if our hands aren’t clean.

Here’s the lyrics and the video! Enjoy watching with your kids!


Now here’s a few tips so you don’t get sick
We gotta fight the germs that make your nose drip
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze  
And that’ll put everyone at ease.
Now don’t touch your eyes, your mouth or your nose
‘Cuz that’s where all those naughty germs go
We must wash our hands before every meal
A 20-second scrub – yeah, that’s the deal 
Same goes when you use the loo
Wash your hands and dry them too.
And if you’re feeling ill don’t go to school 
Being safe and well is the No. 1 rule.
Be clean. Be cool.
Be safe. Be cool!


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