APPRECI, A Digital Way Of Saying Thank You

Don’t you just love coffee like I do?

If there’s one thing I can’t get by the day without, aside from my kids, it’s COFFEE! It gives me the boost I need every morning to stay focused on my daily task. Coffee is my midday pick-me-up that keeps me fueled and HAPPY for the rest of the day.


If COFFEE makes you happy and you want to share that happiness in a cup, then I have a good news for you! There’s this amazing mobile app that helps people to be more grateful by sending a coffee instantly to people that deserves it the most! It’s called APPRECI!


APPRECI is a mobile app & platform helping ompanies & people be more grateful by sending and receiving small gestures of appreciation – a COFFEE or TEA.  It will be launched here in the Philippines early next year! 

Please watch the video below to know how APPRECI works.

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